DormTrax Student Housing /
Key System Management
Windows XP / Windows 7/8 Pro / Windows 10 / Mac OS X

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DormTrax is designed to manage student housing key records, and manage and/or create master key systems.

For facilities with single and multiple key systems and single and multiple student groups

The theoretical size limit of DormTrax is approximately 3-4 billion records so DormTrax is limited only by your disk size.

Available for Windows and Mac OS
Security: With 13 levels of Account/Password access, your data is safe from unauthorized access.

Student Housing Key Records:

  • Create multiple student groups to manage student key records of different areas
  • Issue keys of different key systems to students
  • Create custom blind codes
  • Password-protect individual student groups (optional)
  • Track keys by key holder or key
  • Summary reports of keys issued and returned, overdue, reported lost or stolen, keys issued temporarily
  • Key sign out sheets can be signed electronically into DormTrax or manually on paper
Key Systems:

  • Create multiple key systems
  • Password-protect individual key systems (optional)
  • Track keys by building, floor, room/door
  • Maintain inventory of keys issued to students
  • Maintain a hardware schedule of key systems
  • Manage miscellaneous keys (desks, cabinets, padlocks, etc.)

Screen shots of DormTrax can be viewed by clicking on the links in the menu on the left.

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OS Requirements:
   Single User - Win XP, Win 7 Pro, Win 8 Pro, Win 10
   Multi-User - Win 8 Pro, Win 10

   OS X Mavericks v10.9, OS X Mountain Lion v10.8, OS X Lion v10.7, Mac OS X v10.6
   OS X Mavericks v10.9, OS X Mountain Lion v10.8, OS X Lion v10.7

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(c) 1997-2015 DLA Inc.