Demo Downloads
About the Demos:
The demos are fully functional, but printing and exporting of records have been disabled, and they will expire in 30 days.
User log-in (account / password) has been disabled in the demos.

Installation is pretty much drag and drop for both Windows (does not modify the system Registry) and Mac.
Just open the .zip file and drag the demo folder out of the .zip file (see the next screen).

If you would like a run-through of a demo, please e-mail DLA Security Systems Inc. (

Versions are available for both Windows and Mac.
Note that either version will run on the iPad (the Mac version is not required for the iPad).

                  Windows XP, 7, 8, 10              

Download Tracer 9 Demo (Windows)

Download Multi-Master Demo (Windows)

Download TechNotes Demo (Windows)

Download Survey 360 Demo (Windows)

Download Abacus 2000 Demo (Windows)

            Mac OS X              

Mohave 10.4.x -- There is a known incompatibility with
iOS Mojave and the Mac versions, as yet unresolved by Apple.

Download Tracer 9 Demo (Mac OS X)

Download Multi-Master Demo (Mac OS X)

Download TechNotes Demo (Mac OS X)

Download Survey 360 Demo (Mac OS X)

Download Abacus 2000 Demo (Mac OS X)

Documentation is included with each demo.
If you would like to read the documentation first,
you can download it separately:
Download the Tracer 9 documentation

Download the Multi-Master documentation

Download the TechNotes documentation

Download the Survey 360 documentation

Download the Abacus 2000 documentation

If you would like additional information, please e-mail DLA Security Systems Inc. (

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