Installing the Abacus Demo:    
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Double-click the downloaded "" file to open it.

Drag the Abacus Demo file out of the zip file to desktop.

Since Abacus is not dependent on the Windows Registry you can move the folder anywhere you want (leave it on the desktop, move to Program Files, Program Files X86).

Once you have it where you want it, open the Abacus folder, open the Program folder, locate the Abacus Demo.exe file and create a shortcut to it. Put the shortcut wherever it's convenient for you.


After Installation:

If you have installed the program on a networked computer and find you can't make changes to records or create records, it would likely be network read/write permissions.

You should have read/write privileges to the installed folder.

You might also have to go to the installed Abacus folder, open the Abacus folder and open the Program folder.

You will find 2 files named Abacus. One has a .dla extension and one has a .exe extension.

Right-click the Abacus file with the .exe extension, select "Properties" and select "Compatibility".

At the bottom of the dialogue box check the box "Run this program as administrator".

Below that click "Change settings for all users" and check same box.

Download Abacus Demo (Windows)


Files for the iPad are included in the download.

Abacus does not install directly on the iPad.

Please see the included documentation (Abacus iPad Installation.pdf).