Installing the Tracer Demo:    
Mac OS X

(NOTE: User log-in has been disabled in the demo version of Tracer)

Double-click the "" file to open it.

Drag the Tracer 9 Demo file out of the zip file to desktop.


After Installation:

The launching program is "Tracer 9"

To run the program, open the Program folder and double-click the "Tracer 9" (not the Tracer 9 Demo.dla).

You might have to adjust permissions using Command-i or Get Info.

Click the Tracer 9 Demo folder to highlight it.

Press Command-i (or Get Info from the file menu)

At the bottom of the dialogue box, select Read/Write for all user (There should be three drop downs)

Click the padlock and enter your password to unlock

Click the gear icon and select Apply to entire contents

If you are uncertain about this procedure, contact us and we can walk you through it.

Download Tracer 9 Demo (Mac OS X)


Files for the iPad are included in the download.

Tracer 9 does not install directly on the iPad.

Please see the included documentation (Tracer iPad Installation.pdf).