Abacus 2000
Invoicing /Sales Software
Windows XP / Windows 7/8 Pro / Windows 10 / Mac OS X

2019 DLA Inc.

Abacus 2000 in an Invoicing / Sales package designed for small businesses:
Electricians, Plumbers, Locksmiths, Carpenters, Landscapers,
and any small business selling products and services.

Abacus is not a subscription-based program. There are no monthly fees. You always have access to your data.

With Abacus you can keep separate commercial and residential accounts, as well as in-store sales.

Abacus will flag invoices as paid or unpaid. You can set payment terms (15 day, 30 day, due on receipt, etc).

Overdue payments are also reported.

Invoice totals are reported by date range. You can get totals for any date range -- weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

Maintain a Products and Services section to easily insert as line items in invoices.

Print invoices for mailing or automatically create a .pdf of the invoice to e-mail to customers.

Versions are available for both Windows and Mac.

Click here for screen shots of Abacus 2000 and demo download.

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    (c) 2019 DLA Inc.

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