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Multi-Master takes a different approach to master keying.

Unlike other software that just generates a list of pinnings and bittings, Multi-Master builds a database upward from each change key in the key system to include all masters and submasters that operate that cylinder.

This method gives you the ability to completely manage each key system.

Screens are generated for entering location data of buildings, floors, doors/rooms, hardware, finish, etc. for all change keys, masters, and submasters in the key system.

There is no limit to the number of key systems you can create.

The number of key systems is limited only by the hard drive capacity of your computer.

  • 5 Levels of Account/Password Protection
  • Hold Chambers Constant
  • Get Pinning of Any Key On Screen
  • User-Selectable Key Bitting Array
  • User-Selectable Progression Sequence
  • User-Selectable Key Labeling
  • Systems can be expanded to their maximum at any time.
  • View and print pinning and bitting charts in block format
  • Key systems can be exported to Excel
  • No limit to number of key sytems you can create

View screen shots of Multi-Master.

Download Multi-Master Demo (Windows / Mac)

Versions are available for both Windows and Mac.
Note that either version will run on the iPad (the Mac version is not required for the iPad).

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please e-mail DLA Inc. (dlasec@pipeline.com)

(c) 1997-2017 DLA Inc.